I ordered a pair of boots online for my son on 12/22/2013.. I paid extra for overnight shipping so they would arrive before Christmas.. They didn't arrive until 12/26/2013.. They never offered a refund for the extra shipping or even an apology, and an apology would of been enough..What really got me was the email they sent..

"Our staff has read your review and values your contribution. However, it did not meet all our website guidelines. Thanks for sharing and we hope to publish next time.

Thanks again,

Academy Sports + Outdoors"

I guess their website guidelines are to post only good reviews or none at all..

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Gainesboro, Tennessee, United States #920589

Tom, don't defend this crappy company. They messed up or didn't send 7 of my 10 orders.

Customer service is horrible. They tell you to buy 100.00 for free shipping, then cancel all but a 5.00 item, and add 18.00 shipping to it! Over and Over again. It's not a coincidence.

If they had a true rating system like ebay and amazon. they would be out of business

Louisville, Kentucky, United States #816774

You tried to give the ITEM a bad review because you waited to the last possible second to order a Christmas present and it didn't arrive in time. That might have been the store's fault (or it might have been the shipping company, you never did say where the delay happened) but in any case it had nothing to do with the ITEM.

You need to learn the difference between reviewing an item and reviewing the store where you bought it -- those really are two different things.


After I posted this review I received an email from Academy Sports with an apology and they refunded my shipping.. I really appreciate that.. Thank you..

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