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Gun buying background check on hold I have stopped purchasing anything at Academy.Went there to purchase a handgun special.

Thay did a background check. I was put on hold. after 3 to 4 days they're supposed to release and sell the gun. if the background check came back denied they're not supposed to sell at all.

I waited 25 days still no background check came back I asked them to sell the gun but they decided not to sell the gun due to the background check has never come back but law reads that they're supposed to release the gun after 3 to 4 days if the federal finds that there is something wrong and I'm not supposed to have any guns they will come pick it up at my house but I know there's nothing wrong it's just takes so long for background checks to come back they depend on the county to send back information but sometimes the county does not send the information like there should Academy needs to start following the law and sell the guns after 3 to 4 days. so if you're on hold you need to go to another gun shop. because you're not going to get your guns.

The counter man told me they had a bunch of people on hold this tells me that they're losing sales .Maybe one day they'll wake up and follow the law.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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Same thing going on


What kind of irresponsible company would sell a gun to a person without knowing if they were legally able to buy one??There is no law requiring any company to sell anyone a gun.

The 3 day waiting period is a state-mandated cool down period for those with an illegal agenda trying to get a gun fast, and it begins once a background check comes back clear.

Can you imagine what kind of trouble Academy would get into if they sold a gun to someone before their check came back and that person end up being denied??Penalties, fines, and termination to start.

You don’t need a gun badly enough to be exempt from the law.


Thanks for the post. I have a lifetime carry permit but is still waiting to find out if I am approved.

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