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I have pictures of dressing room floor which I tried to put on your FB. The floor was nasty while 5 employees in the dress area talking, laughing and even cussing.

I should have went across the street to Gander mountain. I would love for someone that cares to see these pictures. Every time I shop your store I notice as many employees as customers. They are lazy and offer no help.

There are exceptions but its not the customers job to run around the store interviewing your staff. The College Station store has been bad for some time now which is surprising since there is a nice clean well staffed store across the street. Your prices are somewhat lower but I have about decided its not worth it. I would recommend you hire secret shoppers so that you will get a customers take on you poorly run store.

Sad because I do love the way the store is well stocked with items for every age. A+ for that department.

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If anyone in this lifetime can get through to any of the managers of this company, they deserve a gold medal. I worked for Academy Sports and Outdoors in Mesquite, Texas.

The apparel department was a mess. Everything was in the wrong place and the 5:00 shift did not enter the department till about 5:20. They were hanging in the back eating or on the phone. I had to leave to be at school.

The overnight crew packs in everything so in the morning it is a disaster or they do nothing and leave it all in the back while the overnight manager either sleeps or takes eating breaks all night. The quality of the staff is pathetic, lazy and some need a walker and sit all day long. The management is horrible and never writes up late people. All the good people left and we now have employees who have no clue.

I am glad to be leaving. I have a manager who just wants friends and is not fair to everyone. She has no life. The store director and district manager need some professional training.

One of the apparel named Ang. threw a ball at an associates head. The old man in receiving cusses and attacks people in the back. The cashiers make the customers cuss and never come back.

The footwear associates ignore the customers and the department has no sizes or help. More bonus for the managers. Some aisles have no merchandise and customers always complaining. We had 3 cars broken into the other day and security stays on cell phone texting.

What a concept.

Worse job ever.

Mesquite, Texas, United States #805166

Academy does not care. Mesquite Texas is filthy.

Fitting rooms are awful and there is no help.Clothing is so packed on the racks, you cannot shop it. The clothes are all over the floor in the dirty rug. Bad shopping experience. Dirty floors in fitting room.

Tons of clothes still in fitting room.

No one cleans it out or sweeps. Clothing looks like it is just thrown over the racks

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