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I tried to buy online but it displayed me an error message, YOUR ORDER CANNOT BE PROCESSED AT THIS TIME, so I tried again and the same message come up and I the system did not give a track number. when I checked my bank account I saw I had 2 charges for you, how can I get my money back? I will attach a shot screen with the message and the 2 charges, please

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Dallas, Texas, United States #1022477

There system is so messed up.I got charged 3 times for the same pair of shoes and have never received the shoes or the credit owed.

I am in the Dallas area.

I called the store in Dallas and Mesquite and they did not have a number I could call or try to help.This company is useless.

Austin, Texas, United States #879484

I've had the same problem, the sum was booked on my card for a few days.Customer Service suggested no money on my card, which is wrong.

They were not helpful in finding solutions.Clearly the online site has difficulty with some cards, and no-one cares.


Well I would guess that the best way to "get your money back" is to A) Understand the difference between a charge and a pending authorization or B) Post your issue on a complaint site instead of contacting the company directly. Geez people, get a freaking clue. Stupidity abounds on the internet as usual.

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