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01/07/2010 11:30 A.M.

I am deeply disturbed by the way the store manager carried himself today with my complaint. It was one that I do not just come up to anyone and talk about toilet paper but his responses are troubling.

I asked him, Mr. Eric Garcia why the womens' bathroom had no toilet paper and his smirk was a bad start but he stated he was sorry but he was more than sure other stalls had them. I told him, as the matter of fact none of the women's stalls had them. In fact as I was complaing to my daughter about this an employee of Academy joined in my converstation and stated, "They had to put up with that too".

I told this to Mr. Garcia, his response was "Who is this employee?" That information was irrelevant but he stayed with that demanding to know whom she was...Really what did that matter? I protected her identity. He went on to "Assure" me that the men had toilet paper, and I asked him if he was discriminating against women?

He went on to ask me if I knew what the word discrimination means before I went to the store and accuse him of such a thing! I responded to him that he had just told me that the men's stall had toilet paper but none of the women's bathroom stalls did! I responded is that not discrimination? I told him I was going to call corpooration and he laughed and stated he did not care and to go ahead and call with my complaint.

Is this what you call good customer service? He proudly displayed his badge to me and showed me so many years of service to your company.! You should be ashamed of yourself for having someone like him leading your brand new store in Mcallen, Texas. It is not ony unsanitary, unethical, immoral and yes discriminating against women!

His female employees are of no concern to him? I asked two cashier clerks for his name and they responded they did not know his name! GOOD TRAINING! Proud of your high standards of customer satisfaction!

I have you know this complaint is going on the web since there is no way to make this right!

However I am demanding a personal letter of apology from this so called Manager Garcia since he thinks I did not have an IQ! For your companies information I am a Crimnal Justice Bachelor Degreed woman of intigrity, high moral standards and fight for fair justice to all!

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Columbia, South Carolina, United States #767033

This Really does not surprise me much, as disgusting as it my be. The academy in Columbia South Carolina is the same way.

All of the higher up in the company are all males, and seems to me like they treat the women there with total disregard.

This isn't the only Academy I've heard that does this, sounds to me like the big guy up stairs has made it clear to his staff that women don't matter. :(

Mesquite, Texas, United States #675797

Academy in Mesquite hates women. I have seen lots of discrimination inthe way the managers talk to the ladies.

There is no respect for the women customers. I want to picket outside the store for equal treatment. You should be ashamed to treat women the way you do. Get some employees who have RESPECT.

I am tired of being treated like a second class citizen because I am a female. I want to group up in front of your store and protest.

Wake up. This is 2013 not 1929.

Mesquite, Texas, United States #675789

Academy does not care about customers. I have been in the Mesquite Texas store and in one trip, I waited 30 minutes at the gun counter.

I saw a manager cuss out some employees right in front of everyone. The hunting area always has the wrong prices on everything. The store has dirty shelves and very imature help who ignore you. The managers could care less.

There are cashiers I would like to go away. The managers could care less about the long lines. They hire *** kids who walk away when you ask for help.

The management is a bunch of inexperienced money hungrey incompentant sickos. The store has never been run properly.

Dallas, Texas, United States #623243

Corporate Academy allows their managers to be ruthless and inconsiderate. Most decent restrooms have a sign SAYING to tell a manager if rest room neefs attention.

Mesquite Texas usually does not have enough toliet paper or help or any type of professional management. Academy sucks.

Go to Dicks Sporting Goods. I dont know why people still shop at that broke down Academy.


Hey, no one cares that you have a Crimnal Justice Bachelor Degree, you should have wiped your *** with that expensive piece of paper, because that's all it's worth. No one knows you, no one cares about you, the associates at Academy don't care, Mr.

Garcia doesn't care, and the corporate office sure doesn't give a ***. You're not a special little snow flake, just a consumer, buy your *** and leave.


Typically in the Rio Grande Valley, retail stores have a high rate of TP theft. And usually from the women's bathrooms.

That is why all rolls from each stall are gone at once... And even though the dispenser appears locked, they are easy to open. Large retailers are not going to discriminate much considering their need for your money knows no race, creed, or sex.

If you continue "crying wolf" , eventually no one will believe your concerns have merit. As far as the manager; he may of not handled it right, but that surely is no means to cry discrimination to get other peoples attention.


Descrimination because the stall is out of toilet paper... What is the world coming to.

Do people not have better things to do than to just make up insane claims of wrong doing based off the fact that the bathroom has no toilet paper. Gee maybe the fact that women use toilet paper on every trip to the bathroom would acount for them being out over men...

I dont know or maybe its a conspiracy and the store manager just sits around and tries to think up discreet ways to dicriminate against women. Lol your an ***.


...For your COMPANY'S information I am a Criminal Justice Bachelor Degree'd woman of INTEGRITY, high moral standards and fight for fair justice for all...

I fixed it for you and appreciate you not fighting for UNfair justice.


tell him to suck ur Glock and go to sports *** a** hole

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